About us

uglyfrog and kuai xue started in 2009. Weve put great passion into designing our products and our brand so that we can share our love of cycling with everyone out there.


At present weve been operating primarily on Amazon and eBay, with all of our sales coming from Direct to Consumer, we try and cut out the middle men as much as possible. This is especially true for our website, where youre reading this right now! Our website allows us to remove Amazon and eBay % of sales and give back to you through increased R&D, and our very best deals!


Over the past 10 years weve expanded to many new foreign countries, from Europe to the USA, and with our online only business, our focus has always – and always will – been to provide you with the absolute best quality/price performance we can.


Our passion is only growing stronger as we learn more about our business and about our ever-growing community. We constantly strive to include the best and very latest technologies in our products. We aim to make sure that purchasing from us is a 0 pain, easy, and pleasurable experience.